Wp1 - MEMS and MiniMEMS switch design

MEMS on GaN: Assessment and compatibility of MEMS fabrication process and GaN technology have been studied and experimentally proven by TRT. Following this, the first objective of WP1 is the accurate design of MEMS switches on GaN layers to fulfill the electrical performance targeted for the 1st and 3rd demonstrators.

  • Deriving of the specifications for the RF-MEMS components on GaN. Simulations of GaN-based MEMS switch on different substrates, evaluation of the electrical and mechanical properties.
  • Fabrication and characterization of specific test structures that allow a full evaluation of electrical and mechanical characteristics of the substrates as well as the metallic and dielectric layers.
  • Establishment of the final design rules for GaN based RF-MEMS switch, with required targeted properties.

MEMS on Si: Finally, designs of the RF-MEMS SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) switches on silicon, optimized for high-power handling, will be performed to serve as building blocks for the reconfigurable circuits to be designed under WP3 and to fulfill the performances targeted:

  • Deriving the RF-MEMS specifications on Si.
  • Design and layout of RF-MEMS based SPST switches.