Wp2 - Integration of new nanostructured materials

Development of new nanostructured materials and integration with MEMS and MiniMEMS technology processes:

- optimization of the PZT dielectric based technology to get the performances of switched capacitor.
Determination of the dielectric, electrical properties in relation with the structural and microstructural properties.
- Optimization of CNT growth processes using PECVD
- Control of the fabrication of aligned Carbon Nanotubes within the Si3N4 dielectric thin layer. Full characterization in terms of dielectric, electrical and thermal properties assisted by modeling and simulation
- First validation of use of nanocrystalline diamond deposition with the MEMS technology. Define the route towards a diamond rf-switch.
- Development and optimization of TiO2 dielectric material for integration in MEMS and MiniMEMS technology
- Development of a platform based on Copper (Cu) bridge MEMS aiming to allow the testing of new dielectric material e.g. AlN
- Development of size reduced MEMS technology and feasibility assessment for MiniMEMS
- Integration of new nanostructured in MEMS and MiniMEMS.

All technology developments to be studied in this Work Package will be done on Silicon substrates. It will give inputs for the work to be done in WP3 on GaN and LCP.