Wp5 - Integration of GaN/Si based MMIC with RF-MEMS technology

The objectives of this WP are:

  • Monolithic integration:

- To evaluate the feasibility of a high yield production process compatible with the integration of both MMICs and MEMS functions onto the same chip.
- To validate the technology integration capability by fabricating and testing SPDT device onto the same wafer as AlGaN/GaN HEMT components (High Power Amplifier & Low Noise Amplifier).

  • Hybrid integration:

- To evaluate the hybrid integration technology of GaN amplifiers and RF-MEMS reconfigurable circuits on LCP.
- To evaluate the integration, on LCP boards, of all the RF-MEMS switching functions (SPDTs and 2 x 2 switching matrices), without active components, required for the reconfigurable front-end demonstrator.