Wp6 - Fabrication of demonstrators

The aims of this work package are two-fold:

  • To prove the feasibility of the integration (monolithic or hybrid) of GaN based RF-MEMS and MMICs onto the same substrate.
  • To measure and show their performances that can be obtained in terms of power handling, noise figure and size reduction. Demonstrators will be developed to comply with the requirements for smart active antenna and miniaturized reconfigurable front-end.
  • The active antenna (1st demonstrator) will be made up of several active channels capable of high power management for an active antenna. The modules will use a core chip using traditional MMIC technologies to drive the RF signal, followed by a high power and GaN based chip issued from WP4. The modules will generate 10 W (40 dBm) at the working frequency of 10 GHz (X-Band). This demonstrator will use a monolithic integration of GaN MMICs and Rf-MEMS.
  • The miniaturized reconfigurable front-end (2nd demonstrator) with RF-MEMS based functions directly integrated on LCP will be manufactured and tested in order to verify the compliance with the characteristics defined in WP1.
  • The miniaturized piezo sensor and actuator based on III-Nitride materials (3rd demonstrator) will be fabricated and the performances compared to the specifications mentioned in WP1.